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1. General statements

1.1 By signing up to AKSKINS, a User confirms that they agree with every statement of the current Agreement, and also with the Privacy Policy and guarantees that they are going to follow every statement of this Agreement when utilizing the trading platform.

1.2 Every User is presented the opportunity to purchase the items they like, and can completely rely on arbitrary support provided by AKSKINS in case of any disputes.

2. AKSKINS Account and User's Personal Data 

2.1 Collecting and utilizing personal data is conducted in order to help AKSKINS provide security to both Parties and their material and virtual values during a deal.

2.2 AKSKINS does not oblige Users to provide their personal data. Data submission is a voluntary act and is necessary in the following cases: 1) When buying/selling goods or services via the trading platform; 2) To access the User's Profile; 3) To request and receive technical support or a dispute resolving by one of the Parties.

2.3 The following data can be requested for creating an account: Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Home Country and Home Town, Phone Number and E-mail.

2.4 Should a dispute arise, to resolve it, the arbitrary representative may ask for registration data confirmation by requesting a photocopy/scan/photo of a personal identification document (citizenship passport, driver's license).

2.5 In order to receive the status of a Verified Seller, a User needs to provide a photocopy/scan/photo of a personal identification document (citizenship passport, driver's license). 

Confirms that the data provided belong to them personally;

Accepts and confirms that every issue of this Agreement and the conditions of processing their personal data are clear;

Agrees that the Website processes the personal data provided in order to create the User's personal account on the Website; agrees to terms and conditions of processing the personal data without any comments or limitations;

Agrees to process their personal data, which means actuating the processes described in the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and confirms that agreeing to terms and conditions is their act of free will and in their own interest.

2.7 The User's agreement to personal data processing is specific, informed and conscious.

2.8 AKSKINS's Privacy Policy complies with the current Personal Data Protection legislation.

2.9 - Accepting this user agreement, you confirm that no third party right is violated as a result of a product or offer placement on AKSKINS. These provisions apply to use any copyright objects, including trademarks, brand names, and trade information. Using copyright objects, you confirm having the necessary permission from their holders. Accepting the user agreement you also confirm rights on trading, distribution, and offer for sale of goods and services related to third party rights; confirm that such trading, distribution, or offers for sale do not violate third-party rights.

3.0 - The AKSKINS administration reserves the right to delete or edit any piece of information published on the website, including material that violates current legislation, violates third party rights, or is inappropriate from the administration's point of view.

3.1 - AKSKINS can cooperate with public or law enforcement bodies, and any third parties whose trademarks, brand names, trade information or any other copyright objects are used on the website. In cases of violation of current provisions, and in cases of public or law enforcement bodies' requests, and if there is a respective court's decision, AKSKINS has the power to disclose personal or contact information and block or delete the account of any user. Accepting these provisions, you agree not to impede processes of personal and contact information disclosure in the above-mentioned cases and agree not to bring claims to AKSKINS. 

4. Parties' Obligations. Transactions between Parties.

To purchase goods or services, a User should have enough funds in their virtual Wallet to pay the price for the item set by the Seller.