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GW2 Best DPS Classes Guide - Which Guild Wars 2 Classes Are Best At DPS?

6/24/2022 11:24:35 AM

When it comes to defeating enemies and difficult bosses, damage is essential. In MMOs like Guild Wars 2, you'll typically need a Tank, DPS, or Healer to round out your team. It is the Tank's job to keep everyone else safe, the Healer's job to keep everyone alive, and the DPS's job is to take down the enemy as quickly as possible.


When it comes to Raids or PvP, DPS is the most crucial component of the gameplay. The power you gain from them is greatly diminished when they are absent. As a result, a well-crafted character is essential to delivering the kind of damage required. Here are the best classes for generating a lot of damage.



It's worth noting that anyone can be a powerful DPS in Guild Wars 2. It's the kind of MMO where you can make any character into whatever you want. The Mesmer class, for example, is a little more challenging than the others. If you can master this role, you'll have access to a slew of powerful abilities that will allow you to wipe out your foes with ease.


Take the Chronomancer specialization to maximize your damage and gain more control over how much damage you inflict on your opponents. Make use of skills such as Time Warp or Well of Calamity to add an extra layer of damage or to boost other characters. If you're looking for weapons with a lot of oomph, try looking for Zojja's Blades. As a DPS, you can also get good results from dual-wielding, if that's what you're after.



Until recently, the Guardian class was thought to be the best in terms of DPS. It's a fun class to play, and can deal some serious damage. Despite recent updates, this Paladin-like class is still capable of keeping the team together and defeating the enemy with ease.


The Willbender specialization offers the best chance at dealing massive damage. You'll be able to land some devastating blows, and you'll have more health than you need to withstand the onslaught. You can use Whirling Light to weaken the enemy, giving the rest of the group a significant advantage in their attacks. Willbender Flames, for when you need a little extra damage, is a useful skill to have at your disposal.



A top healer in Guild Wars 2 is the Druid Ranger. You could easily assume that this class is primarily used for healing and that it won't be able to deal much damage. Regardless of which class you choose, you'll always have a DPS option.


Choose the Soulbeast specialization if you want to be a good DPS Ranger. To be clear, this build does not focus on the class's ranged abilities, but instead relies on pets, precision, and a few potent skills to dominate melee combat. It's best to focus on the Sic 'Em and Spike Trap abilities, which allow your pets to join in combat and trap the enemy for your allies to harm. The power of this class outweighs the difficulty of mastering it.



While the Ranger class may be a little complicated, it pales in comparison to the Revenant. This class is recommended for experienced players only because it is extremely difficult to maximize damage. With the Renegade specialization you'll get a step closer to landing the role you want. Add some Shiro spirits and useful elements, and you'll have no problem defeating your foes.


If you're a DPS player, items like Icerazor's Ire and Impossible Odds can give you an advantage over your opponents by increasing your output repeatedly with little impact on the battle. This class can deal massive damage, but it necessitates meticulous preparation.



The importance of a class's strengths and weaknesses, as well as the time and effort required to master them, are all factors to consider when trying to find a good DPS class in Guild Wars 2. The Thief class easily deals the most damage in the game, so you know it's a good investment. No matter what specialization you choose, it's a great class to play. The Specter path, for example, can be particularly useful in raids, where this class excels.


Signet of Agility and Shadowfall should be your top priorities when it comes to skills, as they improve precision and endurance. Even though the Thief performs best against single targets and struggles against large groups of foes, the damage it deals is high enough that it is well worth trying out.